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i never thought i’d write the words “deeply evil carpet” but. seriously. what a deeply evil carpet that is.

And what you should do is to put this over an actual trap, like a hole in the floor so people will be like “Oh ha ha ha that’s soooo funny, it’s a rug!” And then fall through it. 

are you satan

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Nico Rosberg

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Valentino Rossi


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Silly season is driving me insane …. Might as well sign Fernando up for Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus and Mercedes

We could just get rid of all the drivers and Fernando could do 30 laps in each car and whichever he is fastest in wins?

Bernie I hope you’re reading this …..

Formula Fernando

Hahahahahaha omg crying with laughter

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Its like they never raced a wet race?!

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Ofc they are both gona fall like that
What the fuck were they thinking?!

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I hate wet races with such passion you wouldnt belive

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Wtf honda?!